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Benefits of checking accounts - CCCU

 Wednesday, February 27    CCCU
Benefits of checking accounts - CCCU

Why do I need a checking account?

Explore the benefits of checking accounts, as well as how to select the right one for your needs in our blog post. CCCU is located in Portland, Oregon and offers high interest peak checking accounts.
If you’ve never opened a checking account, the idea may feel overwhelming or even unnecessary. In our piece, we’ll explain the benefits of a checking account, specifically peak checking and high yield checking accounts.

Benefits of checking accounts

Checking accounts help you with many of the daily tasks you need to perform. Whether it’s a direct deposit from your work, paying your utilities, or using a debit card, your checking account will come in handy throughout your life. Learn more about the different ways you can use a checking account in the blog below.

How you can use a checking account

If you’ve just graduated college, are moving out of your parents house, or haven’t had a checking account before, knowing how it can benefit you is crucial. Checking accounts let you pay bills, rent, establish direct deposits, and more. Even if you don’t plan on writing checks, a checking account allows you to transfer money more easily.
If you’re able to open one, a peak checking account means you can have all the flexibility of a checking account with the monetary returns of a savings account. At CCCU, our peak checking account means that you’ll get over 2% interest on your money. Learn more about our checking accounts here.

When to open an checking account

Opening a checking account before you need it will help you prevent hiccups in the future if you end up needing one quickly for a new apartment, job, or loans. Before you get your first job, apartment, or pay bills regularly you’ll need one. Usually, opening a checking account between the ages of 15 and 18 is a safe guess.
If you haven’t had a checking account before, and you’re older than 18, no worries! You can still get started and take advantage of the ease and benefits a checking account provides. Reach out to your local credit union to learn more.

How to open a checking account

When you’re going to open a checking account, you should ensure you have identifying information like a photo ID and your social security card. You should also be bring a parent or guardian if you’re under the age of 18. Once you’ve researched the financial institutions in your area and chosen the one with the best rates and customer service, you can simply go in during business hours and let them know you’d like to open a checking account. They should then help you through the next steps and ensure you’re all ready to go. Usually you will also get checks mailed to you within a few weeks.
Hopefully you are ready and excited to take the next step in your financial future and open your first checking account! Feel free to reach out to us at CCCU if you have any additional questions, or want more information about our peak checking accounts.

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