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Advice on moving to Portland, Oregon - CCCU

 Monday, March 4    CCCU
Advice on moving to Portland, Oregon - CCCU

Advice on moving to Portland, Oregon

Are you moving to Portland, Oregon from another state? We want to make your move to The Rose City easy by providing relocation tips, budgeting information, and sharing our favorite Portland neighborhoods from Alberta to The Hollywood District. Here's our relocation guide to making moving to Portland, Oregon easy.

Located in the heart of the green and rainy Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon is one of the top cities in the country where people are choosing to settle down. Portland offers great food, environmental consciousness, and more microbreweries per capita than any other city. Forbes also ranked The City of Roses as one of the top five places to have a business in for five years in a row. Are you moving to Portland from out of state and wondering how to successfully move here? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you through your exciting relocation.


Tips on how to move to Portland

Whether you’re moving for a job or school, wanting to live closer to family, are a mega-fan of the Trail Blazers, or simply like that we don't have sales tax or pump our own gas, a move to the Rose City is something to be excited about.

Explore different neighborhoods

Before moving to Portland, get to know the different neighborhoods and figure out which one will be the best fit for your unique interests and lifestyle.

Each neighborhood in Southeast Portland offers something new and exciting to experience.


SE Portland Neighborhoods:

  Northwest Portland is the perfect mix of eclectic and posh and is a great spot for higher-end shopping and restaurants.

NW Portland Neighborhoods:

  Northeast Portland might be the most sought-after part of the city for artists and anyone looking for a central location and a quick Lyft to other parts of the city.


NE Portland Neighborhoods:

Aside from downtown, Southwest Portland is a little more spread out. If you’re looking for the perfect area to raise a new family or to start a career at OHSU, SW Portland is a great spot to check out.

SW Portland Neighborhoods:

Last, if you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood with a ton of character, check out Saint John’s or Kenton in North Portland. With the St. John’s Bridge, Cathedral Park and a multitude of other parks, restaurants and shops, North Portland is the perfect fit for the nature lover and entrepreneur.

N Portland Neighborhoods:

If you’re moving to Portland for a job or to attend college, you may want to settle into a neighborhood near your office or school. Portland has seen significant population growth in the past few years, and commuting across town can be time-consuming, even if you attempt to avoid rush hour. Also, the Portland housing market is tight for both renters and buyers, so you may want to choose a backup neighborhood if you can’t find a place to live in your area of your choice.

Plan for transportation

Before making your move to Portland, Oregon, be sure to think about how you plan to get around town. Will you take advantage of the city’s excellent public transportation with a TriMet pass and ride the Max train, bus, or streetcar? If not, you can choose to commute by bike like a local. Portland is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S., and if you’ve got the proper rain gear, you can ride your bicycle year-round. Many neighborhoods in Portland have notably high walk scores, and a lot of people choose get around by foot as their primary method of transportation. Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber are also easily accessible anywhere in the city as backup transportation options. If you plan to drive your car often, make sure you consider parking availability and fees, which can add up in terms of both time and cost.


Consider the weather

As you probably know, Portland is an extremely rainy place. In fact, the city sees some sort of precipitation 100 days a year on average. While moving to Portland during the rainy season is certainly doable, you may want to aim to move between May and September when the weather is likely to be dryer–if you’re flexible on your moving date. On the other hand, you may be able to save money by hiring a moving company during the winter offseason. Weigh out the pros and cons of moving to Portland during different seasons to determine the best time of year for your transition.

Plan ahead

The best way to prepare a move to Portland, Oregon is to plan ahead. If you have the opportunity, consider visiting The Rose City before moving here so that you have a chance to explore different neighborhoods to get a feel for where you’d like to settle. If you’re on a shorter timeline, do some research online and be sure to check for things that are a priority to you such as walkability, public transportation access, shopping, and entertainment. As soon as you know when you’ll be moving to Portland, lock down a moving company that offers long-distance moving services across states. Plan ahead for adjustments to your tax rate because of Oregon’s personal income taxes, housing expenses, and cost of living so that you aren’t blindsided after settling into your new space.

Save money

Before moving to a new city or even just across town, we recommend setting aside some money in addition to your predicted moving expenses. This financial cushion will cover you in the event of any unanticipated costs because it’s almost impossible to plan a move down to every tiny detail. You may need to buy specific furniture for your new space, your moving company costs could go over the initial quote, your utility bills could be higher than expected, you may need to register your car in Oregon sooner than later, or you may decide to celebrate your move with dinner at a cool restaurant like Tusk or by getting tickets to a concert at one of the Portland’s awesome venues. Whatever the case may be, it’s always smart to be prepared by saving a little extra money.

You’re all set for your move to Portland, Oregon. Reach out to us if you have any questions about financial preparedness, becoming a credit union member, or things to do in The Rose City. We look forward to meeting you.




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