How is the variable APR for my credit card determined?

Your APR is determined by the U.S. Prime Rate plus a unique margin based on your credit history.

Your Standard variable APR is determined and adjusted on the first business day of each month by adding a Margin to the U.S. Prime Rate published in The Wall Street Journal on the first day of the previous month. Your Margin is a percentage amount that we determine based on an evaluation of your credit history. Your cash advance rate is 2% higher than your Standard APR, not to exceed the amount specified in your Account Agreement. Currently, APRs for federal credit union loans are capped at 18%.

For example: If the U.S. Prime Rate is 4.00% and your Margin is 9.00%, then your variable APR for purchases, balance transfers, and convenience checks will be 13.00% APR (4.00% U.S. Prime Rate + 9.00% Margin = 13.00% APR). Your APR for cash advances will be 15.00% APR (4.00% U.S. Prime Rate + 9.00% Margin + 2.00% cash advance added rate = 15.00% APR).