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Which credit union should I join? - CCCU

 Wednesday, February 27    CCCU
Which credit union should I join? - CCCU

Which credit union should I join in Portland?

Choosing a credit union can be a challenge. Here’s how to know what to look for depending on your needs, and how to vet your credit union for reliability. Whether you’re looking to save, start a new business, or simply get the best deal possible, CCCU is here for you and your banking needs.
Choosing the right credit union for you can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll go through criteria to evaluate potential choices, as well as bonus services you may not have known about. We’re here to help you make the right decision for your financial future.

Account Types

When selecting your new credit union, understanding what kind of account you want is crucial. If you’re looking for a more specific type of business or loan account, getting in touch with the credit unions you like the most can help you understand their offerings. Checking, savings, and loans are usually fairly standard offerings from most credit unions. Because these are standard, rates are usually the best way to narrow things further.


Are you planning on using your savings account, or do you keep your money in your 401(k)? How much money do you keep in your checking account? Looking for a high-yield savings and checking account helps your money grow with you. Keep in mind that rates change and that finding the best deal is just part of the process of finding the right credit union for you.


If you prefer to bank in-person, finding a credit union that is local and has accessible branches is important. Looking for one that’s near work or home means you’ll be able to make trips easily and handle the things you need to in a convenient way.


While banks have ATMs around the country, credit unions often offer the same thing through a CO-OP network. Make sure to research if your potential credit union offers this so you can have as much flexibility as you need.

Customer service

Finding a credit union that is cheerful and willing to help is a major plus. While banks are notoriously difficult to deal with, credit unions often have great reputations as being your partners in financial success. Spend the time getting to know your favorites and check out reviews to see what others think.

Additional services and tools

Some credit unions offer additional services, such as help with real estate and auto purchases. Find out if you can get assistance with financial planning and other services as a bonus.


What kind of technology are you hoping to get from your credit union? Mobile apps? Compatibility with other services? Mobile banking? Learn about the tech that your credit union employs and check that it aligns with your needs.


Arguably, security and insurance are the most important thing to check for when choosing a credit union. When you make your selection, ensuring that they are insured at by the National Credit Union Administration. As long as you stay within federal insurance limits, your money will be safe.
We hope you feel better prepared to evaluate and pick your credit union. Feel free to reach out to CCCU any time if you have additional questions.



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