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Join the CCCU family.

With just $5, you'll establish your membership and part ownership in our credit union.

Joining is quick and easy.

While membership at CCCU means access to a safe and simple way to bank, you get so much more!

In just a few simple steps, you can complete your online membership application and gain access to all of our member benefits, including the right to vote at our Annual Meeting to help determine the direction of our credit union.

Before getting started:
Take a closer look at what you will need to complete your application.

Not sure if you are eligible to join?
Check CCCU's simple eligibility requirements

We're here for you! Don't hesitate to contact us.

Join CCCU Today:

What you'll need to get started:

Our online application makes joining CCCU quick and easy. To save even more time, be sure to gather these documents before you apply:

Young woman on computer joining Consolidated Community Credit Union in Portland Oregon.


Have your government-issued ID/ drivers license/state ID or passport.

Mailing Address

You will need to enter your complete physical address and mailing address.

Additional Documents

Make sure you have your social security number and date of birth close by.

Minimum Deposit

A $5 minimum deposit into a primary savings account is required to gain your stake in the credit union.1

Are you eligible to join CCCU?

Becoming a member of Consolidated Community Credit Union offers so many benefits! Here's what it takes to join:

You must live, work, worship, own a business or go to school in any of the following counties:

  • Clackamas
  • Clark
  • Columbia
  • Hood River
  • Multnomah
  • Skamania
  • Washington
  • Yamhill

You can also become a member if you have a relative that is a current CCCU member or if you work for a company which is headquartered in an eligible county listed above.

Portland Oregon counties where people are eligible to become members.

Why Bank with CCCU

Target icon for staying on target with your financial health.

Financial Health

For nearly 70 years, this credit union has been a strong and reliable financial institution, well-prepared to weather any market turbulence. 

In recent years, we've ranked in the very top of  Healthiest Credit Unions lists. At CCCU, your deposits are insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 per share owner for each account ownership category you have with the credit union. We are financially sound, and your assets are safe with us.

Gears icon for the loans and deposit cycle and credit union machine of offering the best prices and services to our members.

Structure & Pricing

Being a not-for-profit financial CO-OP, we are member-owned. We do not have stockholders. Instead, we're directed by our members, not the demands of Wall Street. This allows us to keep members' best interests at the forefront of every decision, rather than profitability. Any profit we earn is reinvested in our members.

As a result, our pricing is tough to beat. You will have a hard time finding a local savings or loan rate that is better than what we offer! 

Always within reach icon, for accessing your money, our team, and a live person to help you with your banking needs.

Always Within Reach

We make simplifying your banking experience our goal – each and every day. At CCCU, you'll find easy and convenient ways to access your accounts anytime, anywhere.

From our modern, intuitive mobile banking app and financial planning tools to over 5,600 CO-OP Shared Branches and 30,000+ surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, you'll find just what you need to manage your money.

What our members are saying:

“I've been a member since it was Jantzen Federal Credit Union. Now I have moved from The Big City but keep my account there. Customer service is excellent. Some of the larger Credit Unions lack the personal connection CCCU has. And I really support the member-owned idea, as opposed to for-profit banks (who seem to always be tweaking the rules and charges to extract money from their customers).”

Markus O.

“I have been a member in some capacity for almost 40 years. I no longer live in OR but have continued to do my banking with CCCU for almost 15 years. I could not be happier with my experience.”

Michael P.

“The absolute best customer service!!! They know me by name. They respect my time. They are kind to my kids. And, because of my direct deposit, I don't have a monthly fee! This bank made living through the pandemic just a little bit more bearable.” 

Name Sofia S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a credit union and a bank?

Credit unions are member-owned financial institutions that have a not-for-profit structure. Banks are typically for-profit corporations that are owned by their investors. When you put money into a credit union, you're actually buying shares of that credit union, making you part owner. The fundamental differences between a credit union and a bank are price and service. Across the board, products and services at a credit union are a better value and the number of employees per member are always more favorable at a credit union versus a bank.

Can anyone join?

As long as you live, work, worship, own a business, or go to school in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Columbia, Hood River, Yamhill, Clark, or Skamania, or are a relative of a current member.

Why join CCCU?

Because we truly care about the financial well-being of our members and will always look out for your best interests. We have been in the Portland and Hood River areas for decades and take being your credit union seriously. We also offer a wide variety of superior financial products and services that simplify the lives of our members, but the real difference is in our point of view. We work to improve your life through quality banking products, not make our stockholders double digit returns at your expense.

Why bank locally?

If you've recently relocated, you may have heard that taking advantage of the benefits of a local credit union are enormous. Banking locally as well as taking advantage of stellar rates and in-town service are just the beginning of the benefits. Did we mention our high-interest Apex Checking Account and stellar customer service? When searching for a place to bank, borrow, and invest, look no further than CCCU!


Account qualifications apply. Please review our Fee Schedule for more information.  1An initial deposit of $5 is required to gain your stake in the credit union. All members must maintain a $5 minimum balance in their savings account to remain a member-owner and demonstrate regular activity in their account to keep it open.