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Banking doesn't have to be a hassle. Consolidated Community Credit Union offers easy and convenient ways to access your accounts anytime and anywhere.

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Move your money safely and securely with CCCU’s domestic and international wire transfer services.

- Low fees
- Speedy service (same-day processing in many cases)
- Trusted credit union since 1954


To wire funds from your CCCU account, you will need:

✔ Wire transfer form

  • For security reasons, wire forms are stored in online banking - Click here to be linked to the Online Banking login screen. (We can also email forms to you upon request.)
  • Please print, complete, and fax/mail/deliver the wire request form to CCCU. Please note: In certain cases, we require the member’s wet signature (not digital).

✔ Account information at the other Financial Institution (FI)

  • Receiving FI’s Name
  • Receiving FI's Address
  • ABA Number (domestic only)
  • SWIFT code (or other int’l. banking code)
  • For all European countries - IBAN
  • For Mexico wires - CLABE number

✔ Account information of the individual to receive wire

  • Recipient’s Name
  • Recipient’s Address as it appears on account
  • Recipient’s Account Number

✔ If applicable, intermediary FI’s account information

To deliver your wire transfer form in-person, locate our nearest branch. You may also be able to send the form through email or fax. Please contact us to confirm.


To wire domestic funds to your CCCU account, the sending institution will need:

✔ Our Name - Consolidated Community Credit Union
✔ Our Address for Wires - 2021 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232
✔ Our ABA - Number 323075136
✔ Your information

  • Your Full Name
  • Address on Your Account
  • Your CCCU Account Number

To wire international funds to your CCCU account:

✔ For US Dollars currency int’l. wires - see below for instructions
✔ All other int’l. wire currencies - please contact us to receive SWIFT Code and other details

US Dollars Currency International Wires
We use a trusted, correspondent financial institution to help coordinate our incoming international wire transfers that involve US Dollar and other currencies, which is why the sending institution will need the following beneficiary bank info:

✔ Beneficiary Bank Name - The Bank of New York Mellon
✔ ABA Number - 021000018
✔ Beneficiary Bank Address - 240 Greenwich St., New York, NY 10286
✔ Beneficiary Account Name - Western Union Business Solutions
✔ Beneficiary Account Number - 8901309192
✔ Reference or Note to Beneficiary area: (This is very important to be included in the wire)

  • CFCU 59426 [insert CCCU member name and acct. # here]

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