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UTV and ATV Financing

Fuel your next adventure with an ATV Loan from CCCU for your next four wheeler, side by side, or off-road vehicle.


[1] APR=Annual Percentage Rate. [2] ATVs and offroad vehicles over two model years old or over 15,000 miles are considered used. All loans subject to approval. Membership eligibility required. 

Rates as of: May 8, 2023
APR1 (as low as)
48 Months
APR1 (as low as)
60 Months
APR1 (as low as)
72 Months
APR1 (as low as)
Rates as of: May 8, 2023
APR1, 2 (as low as)
48 Months
APR1, 2 (as low as)
60 Months
APR1, 2 (as low as)

[1] APR=Annual Percentage Rate. [2] ATVs and offroad vehicles over two model years old or over 15,000 miles are considered used. All loans subject to approval. Membership eligibility required. 

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UTV and ATV Financing Benefits

The great outdoors is calling, and we're here to help you answer the call. Whether you're looking for a Honda, Yamaha, Polaris or other model financing, we'll work to get you into the great outdoors as soon as possible!

ATV ride through the forest with an ATV loan from CCCU.

Low Rates

No need to bust your budget. We make fun affordable, with low rates on our ATV and UTV loans.

Flexible Terms

With several rates and terms available for ATV financing, you'll find the loan that meets all your needs.

Easy Application

Spend more time playing and less time applying when financing your side by side or four wheeler at CCCU.

Local Decisions

Experience the difference with our team of local experts. We'll get you onto your new ATV in no time!

UTV/ATV Loan Calculator

How much can you afford to spend on your UTV/ATV? Test different loan amounts, loan interest rates, and loan terms to find the perfect payment for your budget.


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Financing for Your Four Wheeler or Other ATV

We know that every second and every penny counts. That's why we keep our process simple and our decisions localso you can start having fun sooner!

  • Easy Application: We believe in making it easy for you to find and fund your next adventure. 
  • Flexible Terms: Find the terms that fit your budget.
  • Low Rates: Our low ATV Loan rates keep your monthly payment affordable.
  • Fast Decisions: Why wait? Local decisions mean fast decisions and our team is ready to help! 
Quad riders on a new ATV purchased with an ATV loan in Portland Oregon.
Family ATV tour on new ATV course in Oregon.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

ATVs and UTVs can depreciate in value quickly—sometimes quicker than you can pay off the loan. This could leave you on the hook financially if your new vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered. Ensure you are covered by signing up for GAP.

Our MEMBER'S CHOICE® Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Plus coverage includes $1,000 towards your down payment on a replacement vehicle when financed by CCCU within 60 days after your primary insurance company issues a settlement check.

Be sure to ask about GAP when you apply for your CCCU loan to learn how this coverage can protect you and your family.

Save money with our car buying guide.

Our Car Loans 101: Car Buying Made Easy guide prepares you for what to expect along your car buying journey, helping you find the right car and right car loan for you and your budget.

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What our members are saying:

"We’ve used CCCU both for personal real estate financing as well as recommending them to people in our professional spheres. Outstanding service, rapid turnaround, and generally incredibly easy to work with."

Amy & Glen

“JUST the best. I switched over to CCCU from another CU I shall not name here. The difference between the old one and CCCU is night and day. Everyone at CCCU is genuine, skilled, friendly, and really easy to talk to. I love my credit union!”

Corey C.

“I've never applied for a loan before, but today Katherine N. walked me through the process and made it pain-free and simple. She's amazing at her job: super helpful and kind, and you can tell from her voice she truly, actually cares. That matters to me, and it should probably matter to you, too. Even the atmosphere inside the CCCU building is welcoming and easy. I cannot recommend this place enough.”

Kell D.

Frequently Asked Questions About ATV Loans

How do ATV Loans work?

ATV financing is similar to financing a car or motorhome. You’ll get a loan term, from one year up to six years, where you pay off the cost of your ATV in monthly installments, plus interest and any fees.

When you consider financing an ATV or motorcycle, take advantage of CCCU’s flexible lending period, as long as 72 months (or six years).

How many years can you finance a UTV?

Our finance terms for a UTV go up to 6 years, with 5 years as the most often recommended term. A 6-year term is normally recommended for loan amounts above $15,000.

How do you buy a UTV?

To buy a new or used UTV, price out a few options you can afford. A UTV loan will typically require the VIN, mileage and accessories for the vehicle you plan to buy. Once the financing has been finalized, you will receive the money to buy the UTV you have selected.

How do I get a loan for a UTV?

The first step in getting a UTV loan with CCCU is to gather the following information. This process will include a credit score check and income verification:

  • Personal contact information
  • Social Security Number
  • Employment information and most recent paystub
  • A valid form of identification (driver’s license or U.S. passport)
  • VIN, mileage, accessories for your vehicle

Completing your loan application is easy. Apply online in minutes, visit a CCCU branch, or contact our Consumer Loans Team at 503.797.7561 or loans@consolidatedccu.com.

How long can you finance an ATV?

Banks and credit unions offer conventional ATV loans for fixed periods of time, typically between 3–6 years, with fixed annual percentage rates. The APR will depend on your credit score, the loan term, ATV cost and the organization that is financing the loan.

Some financial institutions may also offer revolving loans. These loans are often easier to qualify for and have lower monthly payments. However, a lower payment means it takes much longer to begin paying down the principal on the loan. Additionally, a variable interest rate may mean your rate could go up or down during the loan period.

This is why conventional loans tend to make better financial sense for ATV owners, because the interest rate is locked in for the duration of their loan term and the owner knows when they’ll pay it off.