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Personal Loans are your solution.

No equity in your home? Need cash? No problem! Our Personal Loans are a reliable and affordable option.


[1] APR=Annual Percentage Rate. [2] Payment example based on a $3,000 loan. Consumer Loan Agreement & Disclosure.

Rates as of: May 8, 2023
APR1 (as low as)
0 - 48 Months
APR1 (as low as)
Rates as of: May 8, 2023
APR1 (as low as)
0 - 24 Months
APR1 (as low as)
25 - 36 Months
APR1 (as low as)
37 - 48 Months
APR1 (as low as)

[1] APR=Annual Percentage Rate. [2] Payment example based on a $3,000 loan. Consumer Loan Agreement & Disclosure.

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Endless Personal Loan benefits

It doesn't get easier than this! Our flexible Personal Loans are the perfect choice for financing large purchases or consolidating higher-rate debt.

Woman at the doctor who uses a personal loan to pay for her medical bills.

Fixed Rates

No surprises here! Our competitive fixed Personal Loan rates feature a consistent monthly payment.

Unlimited Options

The choice is yours! Consolidate debt, cover an unexpected repair, or travel the world. It's up to you.

Quick Application

Get your money fast! Apply quickly day or night using our secure and simple Personal Loan application.

Free Consultation

Not sure if a Personal Loan is right for you? Call us at 503.797.7561 or stop by a local branch today.


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Discover how much money you can borrow with a CCCU Personal Loan while still enjoying an affordable payment that fits into your budget.


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What is a Personal Loan?

Personal Loans, also known as unsecured loans, are a type of loan that does not require collateral (such as a house or car). Because no collateral is involved, Personal Loans typically feature one of the fastest application processes, quick loan approvals, and potentially higher rates than loans that require collateral (such as Home Equity Loans).

Personal Loans feature many benefits including a fixed monthly payment schedule, flexible terms, an affordable payment you can budget for, and an end date when your loan will be paid off.

Man installing a door on his house for a home improvement project.
Man on computer applying for a personal loan through Consolidated Community Credit Union CCCU in Portland Oregon.

Applying for a Personal Loan

Apply 24/7 using our simple online application.
  1. Tell us a little about yourself.
  2. We’ll show you Personal Loan options based on your needs.
  3. You complete a brief application.

You can also call our Contact Center at 800.444.8115 or visit your nearest branch.

Debt consolidation and so much more.

Personal Loans can be used for anything you can imagine. Although you can use them to help cover wedding expenses, vacations, or other large purchases, here are the most common uses:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home improvement projects
  • Medical bills
  • Unexpected emergency
  • Build or rebuild your credit
Woman relaxing on her porch with peace of mind because she has a personal loan with CCCU.
Young man who wants to get a personal loan to have financial flexibility and reach his goals.

Is loan protection right for you?

When life throws you a curveball, be one step ahead with our Personal Loan protection. Enjoy added security from potential delinquency, default, or foreclosure if a protected life event unexpectedly happens to you.

Protected events include:

  • Loss of life, including those caused by acts of war
  • Disability, including those caused by acts of war
  • Involuntary unemployment

Ask about our loan protection options when you apply for your CCCU Personal Loan.

CCCU Debt Consolidation ebook

Discover debt consolidation tools that can help you today!

Our Debt Consolidation: Expectations vs Reality guide will help you learn valuable information about debt consolidation and what to expect when you set out to reduce your overall debt.

Ready to get started? Download your guide now:

What our members are saying:

“JUST the best. I switched over to CCCU from another CU I shall not name here. The difference between the old one and CCCU is night and day. Everyone at CCCU is genuine, skilled, friendly, and really easy to talk to. I love my credit union!”

Corey C.

“I've belonged to other larger credit unions before this one and - although the atmosphere in them was certainly better than a typical bank - I found the loan services in the other credit unions to be exactly like a normal bank, relying in the end on standard algorithms. This group was the only credit union (or bank) that I encountered where a single person worked with me from start to finish (no separation between sales and loan officer), and the only credit union that really took a careful individual look at assets, history, etc.   So...I highly recommend them for both everyday banking and loans.”

John C.

“I've never applied for a loan before, but today Katherine N. walked me through the process and made it pain-free and simple. She's amazing at her job: super helpful and kind, and you can tell from her voice she truly, actually cares. That matters to me, and it should probably matter to you, too. Even the atmosphere inside the CCCU building is welcoming and easy. I cannot recommend this place enough.”

Kell D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan, often called a signature loan, or a good faith loan, is a type of unsecured personal loan offered by a financial institution. The primary requirement of these loans is the borrower’s signature and their promise to pay. Most institutions may also check a borrower’s credit score, and some require a loan cosigner. Like other loans, you'll make fixed monthly payments during your loan term until it's paid.

Personal loans are an unsecured term loan. This means that the loan isn’t secured by collateral, like a borrower’s car loan or home mortgage. The term requires that the loan is paid off during a predetermined timeframe, which is typically through monthly payments during the duration of the loan term.

What can I use a personal loan for?

From covering unexpected expenses to paying for home improvements and more, a personal loan can be used for many miscellaneous needs that don’t have their own specific loan categories. They can provide flexibility and quick access to funds.

Can I use a personal loan for higher education?

Yes, you can use a personal loan to help you pay for college or pay down current student loans. Contact us to learn more.

Do I need a co-applicant?

No, it isn’t necessary to have a co-applicant. But, depending on your situation, a co-applicant may help you meet the credit requirements necessary for loan approval. 

Can I get a personal loan if I have limited credit history?

Yes, but a co-applicant may be required depending on the requested loan terms.

How long does it take to receive my funds?

Once your loan is approved, you’ll have same-day access to funds in many cases.

Membership eligibility required. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates based on creditworthiness and are subject to change without notice.

Information and interactive calculators are made available as self-help tools for independent use and are not intended to provide investment advice. We cannot and do not guarantee their applicability or accuracy in regard to individual circumstances. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes. Seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues. Actual rate, payment and costs could be higher. Get an official loan estimate before choosing a loan. Contact credit union for more details.