SCAM REMINDER: If someone posing as CCCU contacts you by phone, email, or text and wants you to share your personal information, consider it fraud and report it to us immediately.

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CCCU has taken a number of steps to ensure protection of your account while using our online services. We use 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, our systems are monitored 24/7 and our systems are updated regularly for the latest technology and security patches. We also use multiple layers of authentication when you sign onto our online banking system. Our personal image gallery allows online users to select an image, which is used as an additional layer of authentication.



There is a growing epidemic of identity theft in this country and anyone - including you, is susceptible to becoming a victim. This page describes real situations that are occurring in all areas of the country. Check back frequently for new advisories as we are notified of them. If you have any questions or are concerned that you may have been a victim of fraud or identity theft, call CCCU at 503.232.8070 or 800.444-8115.


Fraudulent text messages are being sent to consumers in an effort to steal personally identifiable information. Financial institutions have reported an increased volume in these attacks since May 22, 2014. Mass text broadcasts are commonly used by fraudsters to reach large audiences of potential victims. This scam is quite common and often operates simultaneously in multiple states.


  • Automated texts are being broadcast that warn consumers to call certain numbers to reactivate their payment cards.
  • A recent text example: "Federal Credit Union ALERT: Your CheckCard has been temporarily LOCKED. Please call Card Services line (407) 574-2992".
  • Text messages do not reference a particular issuing brand but they may vaguely refer to a credit union or bank.
  • Additional originating text numbers for this recent scam include: 786-300-2335 and 971-208-9936. All numbers referenced in this Alert Bulletin have been disbanded. New originating numbers will most likely be created and used in the future.
  • Text messages may also originate from Jamaican area code 876 which is easily confused by consumers with a toll free number.


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