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Use these tips to ensure your business is protected from fraud

6 Ways to Protect Against Business Fraud and Identity Theft

Incidents of business fraud and identity theft continue to rise, costing business owners time, money, credit, and ...
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Business Finance: Why Business and Personal Accounts Should Be Separate

It’s not unusual for new small business owners to use their personal bank accounts instead of a business checking ...
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A business line of credit can really help you expand your business and get you access to resources you may need.

6 Ways a Business Line of Credit Can Help You Expand Your Business

Owning and operating an organization comes with a variety of challenges and having access to a reliable business line ...
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How to Get a Commercial Real Estate Loan from a Credit Union

Purchasing commercial real estate is a significant investment, and the process can be somewhat complex. In most cases, ...
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tips for preparing for tax season as a small business

5 Tax preparation tips for small businesses and Startups in Oregon

Whether you’re a Portland startup working on the next big app or a small business in Alberta, here are our top 5 Oregon ...
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learn the steps to assessing the financial health of your business

How to Assess Your Company's Financial Health

Are you starting a business or running an established company in Portland or elsewhere? If so, Consolidated Community ...
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