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Love It or List It? Deciding if a HELOC or a New Home is the Move for You

Should You Remodel or Move? Sometimes our needs change and the house we thought we’d call home forever may no longer ...
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young asian family moving into their new house

5 Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Home Buyer

As you prepare to buy your first home, you likely face the process with a mixture of fear and excitement, and for good ...
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6 Ways to Finance Home Improvements

Homeowners decide to improve their homes for many reasons. Some want to make their houses more comfortable or to add ...
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renovated white kitchen with wood counters

5 Pros and Cons of Using a HELOC for Home Improvements

It may come as something of a surprise, but a reported 90 percent of homeowners plan some form of upgrade to their ...
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house with open house yard sign in front yard

Buying Your First Home? How to Pick the Best Neighborhood for You!

Finding your first home is one of life’s adventures. For first-time home buyers, a first home is an excellent financial ...
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renovated white bathroom with walk in shower and monstera plant

What are the 10 Best Ways to Use a Home Equity Line of Credit?

Finding creative ways to use a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, gained significant traction in recent years. After ...
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this charming yellow house has a green yard and a tree in front

HELOC vs Home Equity Loan - Which is Best for Debt Consolidation

If you want to save money and make some progress paying off the bills and other debt you owe, you should consider ...
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the exterior of a modern white and wood house

How to Use a Home Equity Line of Credit

Homeowners looking for additional funds have a variety of options at their disposal. One of these options is a home ...
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young couple and small dog move into their first home

5 Dos & Don’ts - How to Get Approved for a Home Loan

Buying your first home doesn't have to be a terrifying experience. Today, many Americans are hesitant to enter the ...
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