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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire?

For lots of new homeowners and prospective buyers, the mortgage pay-off date is so far away that it hardly seems real. ...
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Saving for a Down Payment On a House

In the realm of real estate, a down payment is the initial lump sum you pay when buying property. If you're thinking ...
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Real Estate Terms Every Home Buyer Should Know

Buying a home can be overwhelming if you're new to the world of real estate. That said, familiarizing yourself with the ...
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Renovations That Can Increase Your Portland Home Value

According to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, Americans are on pace to continue annual improvement and ...
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Should I get Pre-Approved Before Looking For a House?

Purchasing your first home is an undoubtedly exciting time. But entering the real estate market can also be ...
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How Do Late Mortgage Payments Affect Credit Score?

You missed a mortgage payment. It happens. While it isn’t the worst financial mistake, it is a little more serious than ...
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